About Us

The Farm

Gutknecht Family Farms has been family owned for over 125 years. Throughout the years, over five generations have put their passion, faith, and dedication into the soil. Several families have been raised on the Gutknecht farm where the family home was once a one room country school house, and the smell of livestock humbly abounds. Like all things, the farm continues to grow and evolve with each generation making their own contributions and memories.


The farm intially raised dairy cattle, chickens, and horses. Through the next few generations, the livestock production evolved from dairy cows to yearling cattle to the current farrow-to-finish swine operation known as G&G Pork. Moreover, the complementary row crop operation has progressed from horse-drawn implements and steam powered tractors (pictured left) to modern tractors and satellite guided equipment.


Located near Cedar Falls, Iowa, Gutknecht Family Farms is a grain and livestock farm specialized in corn and swine production. Recognized by the state of Iowa as a Century Farm, GFF is dedicated to being accountable stewards, valued community members, and responsible neighbors. See the “Services” page for services we can provide. Also, check out the "Gallery" page to see the team in action or click on the "Contact Us" button to give us a call.

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The Family

Bill and Lori Gutknecht: Bill is the 4th generation to raise his family on the Gutknecht farm. He married his high school sweetheart, Lori, shortly after high school. While Bill participated in high school activities, he knew his passion was farming and never thought twice about doing anything else. Shortly after Bill and Lori got married, his dad, Bill Sr. and Grandma Thelma, moved off the farm to pass down the extra duties of being on the homestead to their son. It wasn’t too long until they found themselves raising 3 boys, Jared, Luke, and Brett, and a girl, Marissa, in the same house Bill was raised. Of course Grandpa Bill was on the farm daily, to continue the work that needed to be done as well as keep all the grand kids in line.


Most recently, Bill and Lori have now done the same as Bill Sr. and Grandma Thelma. With their four kids grown, Bill and Lori have since moved to Lori’s childhood farm. The oldest, Jared, and his wife, Heather, have moved onto the home farm and have begun raising their own family.


Jared and Heather Gutknecht: Jared is the oldest of the 4 children. He graduated from Iowa State University with an Animal Science degree. While he enjoyed his time at Iowa State and found his better half, Heather, he also never thought twice about his passion for farming. Shortly after graduation, Jared was back on the farm with Bill, doing everything he could to get started farming. Many aspects are involved in farming but his greatest passion is in livestock. Jared over-sees the swine barns located on the farm and is the owner of Gutknecht Club Lambs. Click on the yellow button below to visit his club lamb website. Heather is a middle school science teacher at Grundy Center schools. While Heather did not grow up on a farm, she also grew up with the same love for livestock. In fact, her first love was her horse, Stitch. Jared and Heather have been married for some time now and have a beautiful little girl, Hayden, and boy Kane. While Hayden and Ken are only toddlers, they don’t miss out on anything! Whether it’s feeding the lambs or checking the pigs, both love doing chores with ‘Papa’ and daddy.

Luke Gutknecht: Luke is the second oldest son of Bill and Lori. He obtained a Business degree from Drake University and now works in Des Moines, IA as a Data Analyst.


Brett Gutknecht: Brett is the third son of Bill and Lori. He obtained an Agricultural Engineering degree from Iowa State University and is now in Davenport working for CaseIH. While Brett loves his job testing combines, he continues to have an undying passion for farming. Unlike Jared, however, Brett’s passion is with machinery. His knowledge and experience through his schooling and work equips him with a great contribution to the farm. He often helps program the farm equipment computer setting and GPS systems.


Marissa Gutknecht: Marissa is the youngest and only girl of Bill and Lori’s four kids. She obtained a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from St. Ambrose University, and now travels the United States working as an interim Physical Therapist.

Growing up on the farm has taught each family member responsibility, accountability, respect, teamwork, and unconditional love. It’s inevitable that each sibling will grow up and follow their own passion, but the lifestyle of a farm kid will forever be engrained.